Special Day with the New York Mets

Rafael Ramos lost his life in the line of duty December 20th 2014 just a few days before Christmas. So many were heart broken to hear the news that shocked the world. One of those people was New York Mets captain David Wright; David is the son of a Police officer and has always known the danger surrounding Law Enforcement.  That danger is something he had to understand and live with as a child. When David heard the news that Rafael was a huge Mets fan and that he had two young boys that lost their father just days before Christmas he had to do something and it started with a very difficult call on a night where their loss was so heartbreaking, Christmas eve. "You hear the kids' voices and it's Christmas Eve," Wright said. "You obviously get emotional. It's probably one of the tougher phone calls I've ever had to make, one of the tougher conversations. You want to get across that you're sorry, but you don't know how they're feeling. I couldn't imagine myself in their shoes."  David went on to say; Hearing about the tragedy with the police officers in New York, and how close I feel like I am with law enforcement in general with my father, and doing some work with the men, the women, the officers in New York, you just have a sinking feeling," Wright said. "There's nothing you can say or do to fully understand what these kids are going through or these families are going through. Then once you get on the phone with them, you're at a loss for words. You just don't know how to articulate how sorry you are for the loss of a hero."

The New York Mets then along with the of Wenjian Liu family who lost his life in the same incident, flew both families to spring training in Port St. Lucie. The Mets then suited up Jaden Ramos as a batboy for one of the games He and his brother, Justin, were assigned lockers and uniforms for their time at spring training.

"You try to explain to them how much of a hero their father is, and how much we appreciate the service that their family has given us," Wright said. "For maybe a split-second, you try to distract them from the pain of losing a father." –David Wright-

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