Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

On September 22 Hurricane Maria devesated the Island of Puerto Rico leaving 3.5 million Americans in total kaos. Experts say that the relief efforts will take months, if not years for Puerto Rico to recover from the devastation that was left behind. The Detective Rafael Ramos Foundation which is named after a heroic police officer of Puerto Rican decent, who dedicated his life towards giving to others. The NYPD Hispanic society who many of its members are law enforment officers who are also of Puerto Rican decent, have teamed up to help in anyway that we can. This event will take place in the Puerto Rican onwed and themed Port Morris Destillery hosted by J.W Cortes of the hit series Gotham. The evening will also feature live salsa music by La Jara and amazing music by DJ Al Rojas. Our goal is to raise ten thousand dollars to purchase supplies and get those supplies to the most devasted parts of the Island. With just one ticket donation you will help us reach our goals.


May 2018, members of our board Jordan Durso and Alfonso Rojas, visisted Puerto Rico in effort to do our part. Thanks to your donations and support we were able to help, not only this family but many others. Special thanks again to our event partner The NYPD Hispanic Society, and Port Morris Distellary. None of this would have been possible without our donors and supporters.

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